Destination Doula Workshop

Do you have a heart for Latino culture and aspire to be a doula?

If so, then you’ve come to the perfect place! At this doula workshop not only does it take place in the beautiful mountainous country side of Honduras,  a Spanish speaking country in Central America, but it’s also geared towards those with a heart to serve and work with Spanish speaking mama’s or those with a Hispanic background.

Before we jump in and talk about what the doula workshop is all about, lets first discuss what the role of the doula is...


Our workshop is designed to help participants become expert labor support providers

It utilizes, texts, videos, slides, games, activities, key cultural insights and role play to build theoretical knowledge and practical skills as well as one hands-on day in a clinic assisting in a birth. Joining all of these aspects together we hope that you will have the keys and be on the way to being the best doula you can be.



You will be provided with a completion certificate at the end of the workshop. Our course is not accredited to any other doula training entities and depending on where you are located or the types of clients you tend to pursue, it should not create a problem. However, please check with your local birthing centers, hospitals, and state guidelines in your area for more up-to-date information to be sure.

Next Workshop is OCTOBER 26 – NOVEMBER 3RD, 2019


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What clients say?

Missie is an amazing Doula with so much experience. In addition to her experience she also has a very special Doula intuition that is a gift from God. She is able to work with you in what you need from her and has so much knowledge to add. There are so many things that go on in pregnancy and birth that it is such a wise idea to have someone like Missie help make sure your birth goes as you want it to!! 100% recommended!!!
Melissa Busch Mejía
Ignite Honduras
have had the awesome privilege of training and working with Missie in Honduras 🇭🇳. She is an amazing doula. She is wholly present with each women. She has a peaceful presence and cares deeply for each mom and baby. She passionately lives to see the best birth outcome for women of Honduras. I’ve worked in the medical field many years and Missie is a stand out birth worker. She is competent,passionate, loving, confident, and amazing as a doula. Birth is a sacred journey and Missie is someone who honors that God given space.
Krissy Molander
Missie was with my husband and me since I was about 20 weeks pregnant. Help us get ready teaching breathing exercises, massages, how to find my happy place in pain and more. All those exercises were a lot of help. She was with us on labor day and it was a great support for both of us ❤️. The best of all is that not only win a beautiful and healthy baby but I also made a great friend in the process. Super recommended.
Ale Orepi

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